Friday, April 22, 2011

Pack your bags!

Today I spent a bit of time packing up my bags for Tina and Alberts wedding tomorrow, and I thought I might share what I throw in my wedding bag to make the day go that little bit smoother.
First there is the obvious, back up cards and cameras, all the lighting equipment and Lenses you need. That one is kind of a given.
Loads of extra batteries
Don't leave the house without anything you wouldn't normally leave the house without, my regular checklist is wallet, mobile, camera, keys, sunnies- yes, even in winter.. I have sensitive eyes ;P
Energy bars
Not so much for this early in Spring but during summer I would pack a change of shirt, deodorant and sunscreen because carrying all that gear while running around getting all the shots you need is hot work!
Fun for the guests, props for photo booth style photos
All the other stuff- lens cloths, bobby pins, paper(for writing on and for possible missing pocket squares), headache tablets, band aids, tampons, cotton buds (Q-tips) business cards, Burt's bees lip balm, clothes hanger (for hanging the gown on for photos at the beginning), small scissors, safety pins, hotel sized sewing kit, contact numbers, portrait shoot list, sharpie, pen. With this little swag you never know who's life you'll be saving!

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