Monday, April 4, 2011

Memory Mondays Week 13

Vinyl records, bus transfers, random laundry socks and Ja Rule.
What do these things have in common? The story starts a few years ago.
During the first year at art school you are made to do a course from all of the different disiplines (2d, 3d and Photography) and it was during that time that I discovered that I really liked 3d fiber art, I especially liked bringing different techniques together to make something new out of something old. For the 9 months that I was living in Halifax I found unwanted or discarded objects on the ground and kept them, brought them together and made something new out of it.

The first piece titled 'transfer' I made was of all of the bus transfers I had collected, stuck them to some board and wrapped it around a telegraph pole near a bus stop. The second piece (which I unfortunately do not have photographs of) titled 'socks socks socks socks socks socks' was of all of the random socks that had ended up in my laundry or that had been left behind in the laundry room of our apartment building and that piece was placed in the laundry room itself. The third piece titled 'Lost and found' was of all of the random peices I had found and collated together by color or theme and glued them to a huge canvas and placed in on one of the main roads.

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