Sunday, February 21, 2010

The miracle of life

11am New years eve 2009: My best friend and roomate Chanel and her boyfriend Ben noticed a cat crying on one of the 3rd floor balconies. It was -14 degrees out. They went out to the shops, and when they came home and it was still there they called the building rep who wouldn't do anything about it.. long story short by 7pm we were now in possession of the cat. I have never had a cat before and I'm not used to some of the things that she does. Basically, i'm not a cat person. But when we discovered she was pregnant, and that we were definitely going to keep the pregnant teenage runaway and i had to get used to it, i've started warming to her.
630pm February 20 2010: Come home from work and she doesn't come running to me straight away, I automatically thought of where she would be (shes been scoping it out for weeks) and sure enough, there she was all braced purring and breathing heavily.
830pm February 20 2010: 4 kittens had been brought into the world and all seemed good. I didn't realise how furry they would be!
9pm February 20 2010: I go out to a party, I told the cab driver about it on the way there and he told me about a time when a womans water broke in the back seat of the taxi.
230am February 20 2010: I come home and (although its hard to see coz they're all so little and shes lying all over them and they keep moving) I think theres one that is extremely still.
830am February 20 2010: Having nightmares and unable to sleep thinking there might be a dead kitten i come downstairs and yeah, it's still in the same place it was last night. I tried to move the bloody towels and (not that I got to this part but move) the dead baby. But, even though i'm pretty sure shes never had kittens before, her maternal instincts are stong and she bit me very hard and hissed. So i guess i'm just going to have to wait til she moves or something. Any suggestions?

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