Thursday, February 18, 2010

Buckets Buttons..

So I've been admiring Krista, my friend at work's button/pin/badges that she made of her boyfriend and parents for awhile now and wishing I could get my hands on a button maker so that I could make my own and make some for friends as small, easily send-able gifts as well. I put on my thinking cap to think up ways that I could reason with myself to make such an investment (they're brand new about $400 for the whole set up for the 1" normal size ones) and the business ideas I've come up with are

- Ask local bands if they need buttons done up

- could make a different kind of photo portfolio

- Get artist friends to do small drawings and button em up and sell them at art boutiques

- Get a market at the farmers market and sell buttons (both of photos of around halifax, cool slogans and the

hand made ones)

-Do the same thing on the waterfront when all the tourists come, if i could even get access to a power outlet i could take my laptop, a printer and the button maker, take a photo of said tourist then print it and they would have a custom made button of them self in halifax (and if it worked out i could do this where ever i go)

So yeah i guess I'm wondering if people think that this is a good idea? If anyone knows if there is a chance of me making the money back for one, or if there is any money in it in the long run?

And speaking of wondering what people think, I better get some people lookin' at this thang! Unleash the facebook assault!


  1. This sounds all kinds of awesome. I want in!

  2. So.. I guess i have kinda decided to not get one.. unless i can find one for cheap..