Monday, December 23, 2013

Awesome Mondays part 27

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! I'm happy knowing that many of these awesome seniors portraits will be sitting of shelves of loving family this holiday season.

The following shots were taken at The Alzheimer Outreach centre, with Hair by Mallory and Makeup by Michelle

Just look at this gentleman's eyes. A lot of people say that they eyes are the window to the soul and I think that the kindness in these eyes speaks volumes over any words I could say, but we did have a great chat and I even got a hug at the end of it! He was in the army, he told me he was in Germany and jumped out of planes with a parachute. He got married in 1950 and met her at a dance, he saw her her from across the room and asked her to dance and then didn’t let her go. Said his secret to long marriage was not to drink alcohol.

While this lovely lady was having her hair done she said ‘I just can’t move its too comfortable’. She also told me that she was enjoying the summer and when it came time to taking her photo, ‘I act like a clown but don’t want to look like one’. Another great quote from her was ‘My hair is like me, it does what it wants.’

Bob told me to just keep smiling. I hope that some of these photos have brought a smile to your face! Enjoy spending time with your loved ones and be sure to take lots of photos with your relatives!

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