Monday, October 21, 2013

Awesome Mondays part 22

October has been pretty hectic, and will continue to be right up until the end of the month, especially while there are still brightly coloured leaves on the trees so it is nice to take the morning to remember some conversations now had months ago with some lovely seniors at the Alzheimer outreach centre.  

Michelle had some of the loveliest skin I've seen! Asked her what her secret was but she just laughed. She was happy for us to pamper her and told us that she had always lived in London and has two children.

Susan didn't want to worry about being pampered but liked having her photo taken, we chatted about her brightly coloured bracelet which she told me she got from a friend who went to Spain. 

Jim and I chatted about our shared love of dogs and travelling, he shared some stories from his travels across Canada and was excited for his trip to Newfoundland this fall, it was his first time going there. 

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