Monday, October 7, 2013

Awesome Mondays Part 21

All through this project I've had many people offer their help and connections and when I was connected to the McCormick Home and found out about their Alzheimer Outreach program I knew that it was a very important place to do the project, as the whole idea came from my Nan who had Alzheimer's and had a great time talking and being pampered by the volunteers at the centre she visited once a week. 

Hair by Mallory

One word describes Bruce, Cheeky. While he was waiting his turn he was making all the others laugh with getting them to say words that I certainly couldn't ask anyone to say! I would like have his energy at all my shoots!

Gord wasn't too into having his portrait taken but came around to it after seeing a few people go before him. He was a little shy so I didn't get to hear much of his story but I'm really glad that he came around to have this portrait taken. 

I had a good chat to Hugh and he told me that he was born in my neck of the woods, Indonesia and lived in Holland but decided it wasn't big enough for him so moved to Canada where he worked in a Chemical Company. 

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