Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hanson at the Western Fair, London Ontario

It's no secret that Hanson are my favourite band, and have been since I was 9. You can imagine my excitement when finding out that they were coming to London, having lived in Australia most of my life their concerts were very few and far between before moving to Canada a few years ago. Another great thing about them playing at the fair was that I was allowed to take my camera with a 70-200mm zoom lens, something I had tried to do at previous concerts but had been made to leave it in coat check!!! As I could take the camera and as last summer I was front row at the Halifax show I wasn't too worried about being up the front, so was able to stand back, dance, jump and take lots of photos! Too many probably! Here are a bunch of my favourites in a slideshow to my favourite song from the new album Anthem.

And here are a couple of videos I shot of some old favourites! 

This time around


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