Monday, September 23, 2013

Awesome Mondays Part 20

As I missed last week I thought I'd make up for it with a few extra portraits this first monday of fall!
Here's the last  instalment from the Chelsey Park home with hair by Mallory and makeup by Shealee and Michelle

Cathy seemed to have a nice time and I think the bright pink scarf really suited her! 

Gerry and Jean were my first awesome couple and the love that they have for each other was written all over their faces when they looked at each other so I knew I had to capture that. They were married in 1949 (Gerry being the typical bloke, not remembering! lol) and have 4 children and they both celebrated their 90th birthdays last year with a big party with all of their family. 

Penelope said a big thankyou to us and that she really enjoyed having the hair and makeup done. I loved her lovely purple top!

Roseria turns 100 this year so I felt very lucky to have been able to photograph her during it! When I asked her if she had always lived in London she said she was 'a little from everywhere' which I found to be intriguing and also a nice way to be! She explained she was born in Egypt, lived for quite awhile in Italy (you could still hear the Italian accent) then England and Canada! Among the rest of her family she was also proud to say she has 14 great great grandchildren and her daughters are in Rome. 

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