Monday, June 17, 2013

Awesome Monday part 9

What a beautiful start to the week with this lovely weather! Now if only this cold I've been fighting will go away I'll be happy.. Another instalment today with shots of some big personalities taken at the Chelsey Park retirement home which I am very happy to announce I will be visiting again at the beginning of next month. If you are a hair or makeup artist wanting to be involved please get in contact with me.

Janet is a jolly Scot who was fun to talk to and Amanda did did a great job on her hair. We chatted about how is something is handmade it is so much better, esecially as a gift which stems from how she used to teach calligraphy.

Len told us that she likes to do her own makeup but can’t remember ever having makeup done by someone else before. I enjoyed chatting to her and taking her portrait, she is a very lively character and even pulled funny faces for a couple of shots. She tole me that she had professional portraits done awhile ago.

Ruby who was originally from Cornwall brought her gorgeous glamour shot from just before she had children to show us, and she really hadn't changed all those years later! She had told us that it had been many years since she had had a photo taken and really enjoyed being made up. 

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