Monday, June 3, 2013

Awesome Monday part 7

I'll hopefully be delivering the prints to the residents of the Chelsey Part retirement home this week, but thought I would share a few portraits today along with some stories that we chatted about with the participants. Laura help to capture the participants below stories and her article she wrote about the day can be seen on the caregiver exchange blog. Again a big thank you to Shealea and Elfride for makeup and Amanda for hair.

Laura told us that this was her first time having her portrait taken and first time having someone do her makeup for her, but always wanted someone to do it for her. She was originally from Peterborough and is an only child. She also told us a couple of personal stories about that she moved around a lot as a child, and her aunt and uncle looked after her.

Lillian is Originally from Barrie but said that she likes it here in London. She also mentioned that she has family, but they live too far away to visit often. I found this a very similar story with a lot of the participants who we spoke to that day, anything from that their family lived in California so it literally was quite far to travel to visit to that they had family just living up the road but didn't get to see them as often as they would like. Thats why I'm so glad that we are able to do this project to have a little pampering and a nice photo to send to those family members who are unable to visit. 

Carolyn told us that she has always been close to her sisters and she is the youngest of the three. She said she liked the nickname that they had which was 'her surname- sisters'. She told us that she was going to send her portrait to them. 

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