Monday, December 5, 2011

Pet Photography session helpful hints

Hey everyone, I've decided to start a new helpful blog series for anyone looking at booking a photography session and that would like to know some insider tips so that the session goes smoothly.
Today were starting with Pet Photography. They say never work with children and animals but I love both. Even better when it is together. The major thing is just having patience, understanding and the optimism that things can only get better!
1. Talk to your photographer about what sort of images you are after. This could mean you have a specific place in mind for the photo, that you are wanting something printed on canvas, you really want a close up of their nose, you mainly like black and white photos or simply that you like traditional photos (everyone looking at the camera) or contemporary photos (more casual style of photography).
2. Pick the right location. Somewhere that is familiar to you and your pet can be a good idea. You might want to have somewhere that will give you a variety of different looks (see this previous pet photography session in a park) or somewhere that all of the images have a similar kind of background which can be great for building a story out of your images.
3. If you want to bring a prop or something to keep the pet occupied, don't introduce it straight away. For example, if your dog is obsessed with playing fetch, don't introduce a ball straight away as then it could become a distraction.
4. Bring treats. Nothing can be said as to how much these can help during a shoot.
5. Have your pet groomed before the shoot. Your wouldn't go to a photography shoot without brushing your hair, your pet doesn't want to either.

Special- Pet Photography session in the location of your choice just $100 if you book this week only. Great idea for a Christmas gift voucher!

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