Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wassup art?

I'm the first to admit that after finishing my BFA I've let myself somewhat out of the art loop. I dont go to gallery openings every week, dont participate in any artist groups etc but my one saving grace is keeping up to date on what exhibitions are on back home with the help of a subscription to art whats on. I get an email once a week and i can just scroll through and click on the ones that interest me. They have now even made the website so that you can save images directly from it, which I like doing and putting them in a big folder titled "Inspirational images" so that one day when I put my artist hat back on i'll have all the inspiration i need just sitting there. This week's one featured an exhibition called between worlds by Polloxeni Papetrou from the series games of consequence and the images make me smile.

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