Sunday, June 20, 2010

A toy's story..

I sat on my bed last night, Hugging Ritchie, saying that I feel bad because in the last couple of months he's been getting gradually less and less hugs as I spend more and more nights with the boy. Today me and the boy went and saw Toy Story 3. As with most people our age, the original was one of the movies we grew up on, the first completely computer generated movie so not only did we love it for the characters and the story, we loved it for how it looked. Sometimes sequels aren't worth the paper that the ticket is printed on but this is not one of those. I cried like a baby, smiled and nodded at all of the things that I can see now are true and still hoped that toys really do have adventures when youturn your back. This is a photo series I did one day in winter with Ritchie, my dog who has travelled with me the world over since I was 18months old.

I also have another photo series which involves people and their toys which I will share later.

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  1. That is ridiculously brilliant. It reminds me of Snoopy. Great stuff.