Monday, November 11, 2013

Awesome Mondays Part 24 Remembrance Day edition

Welcome to a special edition of Awesome Mondays. So many of the men and women I have met doing this project have with fought for their country, knew someone that did or their lives were completely changed by it. One especially that stands out to me can be found back in one of my first posts you can read the story of Klara and I'll share a few more here today. This time next monday I'll be heading out the door to Mount Hope for the first new shoot for awhile, I'm excited to see some new faces and also some old ones, Elfriede the makeup artist and Mallory the hairstylist will be joining me again :)
Lest we forget.

Ausma told us about how she was originally from Latvia (and has even managed to keep her accent) but fled towards the beginning of WWII when Russia invaded. She told us that she has been very thankful and has loved her time living in Canada, this is something that is a very familiar story with many of the people I've spoken to with stories such as Ausma's.

When I asked John where his accent was from he said 'Where Robin Hood was from' so I knew he was going to have a big personality from the beginning. We chatted about his life growing up in the Midlands and he joined the navy as a nurse for WWII and met many Canadians and thought that they were all really good people so thought he would come to Canada himself, he met his wife and had 2 children soon after.  

Chiew was really happy to have the opportunity to have her portrait taken, her daughter told me that they regularly went to have their portraits done. She was also effected by the turbulent times that wars bring, finding herself in Canada and bringing up her children.

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