Monday, August 20, 2012

Bedford Boy and Georgia Girl

I feel like every time I do a wedding post I say around about the same thing, how great the couple is together, how great it was to be their photographer and how lovely it was to be welcomed in by their friends and family. This was all the same for Joshua and Kristine's wedding in July, but also so much more. 
They are not only great together but I can totally relate to their relationship, being from another part of the globe and meeting a boy from the east coast of Canada. It was not just great to be their photographer but it was also somewhat of an aha! moment with being able to capture some shots that I'm very proud of especially the 'dip' shot from the end of their first dance, which only lasted for half a second and I'm sure no-one else would have captured. And finally, I felt so welcomed in by their friends and family that I even went against my 'no alcohol while shooting weddings' rule to try a glass of the Georgian wine that Kristine's father thrust into my hand. And oh my, the cake. It's making my mouth water thinking of it. 

Cake: Denice Macdonald of Piper Cakes


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