Sunday, June 24, 2012

110 film makes a comeback

In my second year of university I went to a recycling place called reverse garbage and managed to pick up around 10 cameras that people had donated. I held on to a few of these because they were in good shape and looked cool, something must have been telling me to because just recently Lomography started making black and white 110 film which will go in a few of them! To go along with it last week they announced 2 brand new cameras 'Fisheye baby basic' and 'Fisheye baby metal' which I'm excited to get my hands on mainly for the fact that even the regular size fisheye is light, and these babies are even smaller so I love the idea of having one as a keychain or something permanently in my bag.

When I was in Cape Breton recently I also came across an old 110 camera still with film in it which has the expiry of 1982, 5 years before I was born! I'm interested to know if these will come out at all. 

A sample picture from the Lomography website, this guy looks strangely familiar thou!

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