Sunday, May 9, 2010

The thing about being an only child..

Possibly the only thing that I've complained about having been an only child was that there was never someone around whenever you wanted to play a 2 or more person board game.. I think this is probably why i'm still so into board games now.. Especially Monopoly! My friend got Monopoly City for christmas last year and when i went to visit her and her family we basically ended up playing Monopoly for 12 hrs straight which was amazing.. and this year i finally acquired the monopoly board i've wanted for awhile now, The Beatles! complete with pewter playing peices like a strawberry (fields forever), (here comes the) sun and (I am a) walrus. It's basically the same rules as the board I'm used to back home- mums board from the 70's, but Beatle inspired and theres heaps of differnt ones out there now so i'm sure that everyone could find one that they love, but if theres not, you can make your own! the people over at Photojojo have this wonderful new product called the Photo-opoly board where you add your own photos to make it your own!

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